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      Sri Ayudhya Capital PCL or in short AYUD. Although the name is new, our company is no stranger to you.

    • AYUD Transforms into 'Investment Holding Company' named SRI AYUDHYA CAPITAL PCL

    • Sri Ayudhya Capital PCL

      The holding company has nearly Bht. 6 b. for investment in the insurance sector.



    In the year 2014, the Thai economy registered only 0.7% growth due to low domestic demand and challenging economic conditions globally. The clarity on the political situation emerged around midyear boosted the private sectors confidence which, in turn, improved private consumption and resulted in increased private investment in certain sectors such as telecommunication. Throughout the year, low interest rates made the overall financial conditions an accommodating factor. The financial sector remained resilient despite low business activities challenges.

    Growth of the non-life insurance market was 1.07% due to a mixture of the lingering effects of the government’s first car policy scheme, the continued softening of rates in the commercial sector and low domestic demand, particularly in the first half of the year.


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