Activities 2014

Social Aspect

Project for the Visually Impaired and the Blind: “12 Ideas to Make Someone Happy”
Through donations to The Educational Technology Center for the Blind, The Foundation for the Blind in Thailand under The Royal Patronage of HM The Queen, in Nonthaburi and Thailand Association of the Blind, the Company learned about other needs of these foundations which were beyond monetary donations. As a result, the Company reached out to help create awareness and interest among the general public by featuring ideas/ways to offer help through the Company’s 2014 calendar and the 2014 New Year greeting cards under the concept ‘Lending a Hand’. The concept shows 12 activities volunteers can do to help the visually impaired such as voice-recording books, converting printed materials into braille, preparing and binding books, spending time singing with the visually impaired, taking a stroll, planting trees, conversing, teaching the visually impaired to use the internet through specially designed applications, etc. All this is meant to show that there are many ways to assist the visually impaired to enhance their lives by giving time to do activities together.

After 17,000 calendars, at the cost of Baht 459,000 were distributed, both foundations reported major increases- more than doubling in the amount of aid received compared to previous years.

“The usually quiet Center became filled with volunteers from many companies and the general public that came in large groups every day. It was so much at times we could not handle all the help, which is a very good thing” said Prof. Chanidapa Petcharaksa, Director of Education, at the Educational Technology for the Blind Center.

Environmental Activities

Mangroves Replanting Project, Year 5 at Klong Kone, Samut Songkhram 
This is the 5th year the Company held an environmental preservation program through its mangrove replanting project at the Mangrove Forest Conservation Center in Samut Songkhram. The difference for this year’s project was the increase in the number of volunteers, consisting of youth volunteers from the Christian Prison Ministry Foundation and over 120 insurance agents, who all collaborated to plant mangroves to help increase green areas and preserve the environment. This year, the Company and volunteers planted 1,000 trees.

Preserving the Ocean Project, Sattahip, Chonburi
Continuing with CSR activities concerning environmental preservation, the Company’s staff participated in “Preserving the Ocean” project which consisted of replanting coral reef and releasing marine life back into the ocean at the Royal Thai Marine Corps, Toey Ngam beach, Marine Corps Bay, Sattahip, Chonburi.


School Awning Project at Chanthaburi Provincial Special Education Center 
This Center provides initial education for handicappeds. Services includes programs such as seminars for volunteers and the local community to further improve comprehensive education. The building which houses the classrooms lacked any awning that provided shade from the hot sun, making them unbearably hot. As a result, “The Awning for Students” project was created with the collaboration of the Company’s staff from three Eastern region volunteer teams in Rayong, Chonburi, and Pattaya. They jointly built the awnings for the center, shielding the classrooms from direct sunlight. With protection from the hot sun, the classrooms are now filled with happier students. This project also extended scholarships to underprivileged students.

Education Development Projects  
In 2014, the Company donated 45 computers and other technological equipment for educational purposes. These donations were aimed at providing better equipment for schools and educational centers.

The donation helped establish an electronic library at the Second Battalion and the 29th Battalion at Surasee Base, Kanchanaburi.


The donation of computers to Wat Talad Kriap School in Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya.


The donation of computers to the Army Air Defense Command (AADC) 551 Bangkok was for the purpose of establishing a learning center to improve the quality of education for the AADC.


The donation of computers to the library at Wat Sitharam School in Ang Thong.


Activities on Children’s Day and Sports Day
The Company donated 50 teddy bears on Children’s Day to Wat In School in Nonthaburi as a part of the Children’s Day sports activities between parents and children.