Activities 2016

Social Contribution

Bike to School Project
The ‘Bike to School’ project was proposed by our employee, Mr. Kittirut Thumpad, Branch Operations Manager – Head Office. In up country areas, far too often, children have no means of getting to school. There are no funds for paid transportation. There is no public transportation service. School children must make that extra effort daily to walk the long distance just to be able to learn. As a result, the Company donated 150 bicycles to these children in need at three schools in Chanthaburi. A wonderful bonus of the project was to see the children getting healthier, and so much more from having bicycles. To raise the awareness on the importance of making social contribution among wider audience, the Company produced 2017 calendars capturing the joy of these children for distribution to customers.

Year 13: Insurance Family and Friends for the Society
Employees volunteered to participate in this joint community program focusing on developing upcountry schools and communities by donating sports equipment to schools under this program.

Group PA Insurance Coverage at Baht 8 million for Staff at Narenthorn Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Center, Rajavithi Hospital
To help volunteers at the Narenthorn EMS Center who work tirelessly to help accident victims, the Company donated a group PA insurance with a total coverage of Baht 8 million to protect them during working hours.

Education Development Project

Baan Khunsamutra School, Samutprakarn
Each year, the Company makes contributions to schools and students needing funds for various purposes. This year, Mr. Rowan D’Arcy, President & CEO, together with 25 staff volunteers donated Baht 30,000.00 to help Baan Khunsamutra School, Samutprakarn with the cost of renovating the school’s building. Additional donations included consumables for students.